Dragons of Ghent

Delicious Belgian Chocolates


High above the rooftops, the golden dragon is guarding the gallant city of Ghent. According to legend, this dragon used to be the figurehead of a ship belonging to a Nordic king. After short spells in Constantinople and Biervliet, the dragon was seized by the city of Bruges in the 13th century. In 1382, soldiers of Ghent confiscated the golden dragon and placed it on the spire of their belfry, to serve as a symbol of their independence. Since that year, the dragon never left Ghent and its inhabitants.


Dragons of Ghent are chocolate pralines of premium Belgian quality, made with the best products and finished with traditional craftsmanship. Our range consists of two stylish boxes, both small (2 pieces – €2) and big (16 pieces – €16). In each of these packages you can find a combination of milk chocolate Dragons with crunchy caramel filling and pure chocolate Dragons with raspberry filling. Ghent-produced international quality!

Point of sale

Dragons of Ghent are for sale at

Sophie’s Sweets & Chocolates

(Botermarkt 9 à Gent).